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C&C Trucks Participates in the ANGVA 2015

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Nov 4, 2015, the ANGVA Biennial International Conference & Exhibition (the ANGVA 2015 in brief), co-sponsored by the China Automotive Technology & Research Center, the China Industrial Gases Industry Association and the Asia Pacific Natural Gas Vehicles Association was held at the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center. During the event, a forum titled “Natural Gas Automobiles - Practical Choice for Clean Transportation” covering such contents as natural gas fueled vehicles, engines, natural gas stations and relevant parts and pressure vessels was also held to promote the joint progress of the whole industrial chain of natural gas automobiles. Related manufactures of the industry were attracted to this event by its reputation.

The visual elements of CIMC brightened up the vision of visitors who just entered the Entering Pavilion No. 5 of the Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center at the first sight. Many visitors were attracted to the booth of CIMC ENRIC and C&C Trucks.



                                         New U400 6X4 LNG Tractor of C&C Trucks

The big guy with the length of 7.398 m, the height of 3.905 m and the width of 2.5 m, the new towing vehicle U400 6X4 LNG of C&C Trucks, attracted endless stream of domestic and foreign visitors, who were carefully “inspecting” the vehicles of C&C Trucks. Huang Lang, manager of Sichuan and Chongqing Region of C&C Trucks provided detailed introduction at the site. Some female visitors who had never see such heavy-duty vehicles, kept taking photos with the giant trucks, showing their appreciation of our trucks, saying “how smart these trucks are! It’s big but cute, cool!”


                                                   Visitors experiencing inside the cabin

As early as 2011, C&C Trucks, having leading technologies in the field of natural gas heavy-duty trucks, located itself as the “No. 1 Chinese Brand of LNG Heavy-duty Trucks” and made LNG heavy-duty trucks the core and strategic products for R&D, receiving unanimous praise from insiders of the industry. 

The cabin adopts 4-point suspension structure, which can effectively reduce the vibration on uneven roads; the air-bag seats can be adjusted to any direction, with the height can be automatically adjusted according to the weight of the driver; the broad cabin is also equipped with broad sleeping berths. Humanized ergonomic design allows convenient steering and gear change so as to reduce the fatigue of the driver; with good airtightness and large-capacity smart cooling/warning air conditioner, you will always feel like in spring in the cabin throughout the year.

                                    Comfortable cabin &Humanized interiors with the sense of intelligence

Besides fashionable and steady appearance and conformable interiors, the 6K13L series LNG engine of C&C Trucks, featuring the displacement of 12.939 L, strong power, lower gas consumption, lower noise and is more environment-friendly, is China’s first 13 L natural gas engine that covers the HP range of 380-440 and offers the torque as high as 1880 Nm, which solves the problems of LNG heavy-duty trucks such as insufficient torque and poor performances in climbing acceleration and overcomes the industrial challenge of “little horse pulling a heavy carriage”.


                                        The booth of C&C Trucks attracts many foreign visitors

“The double-cylinder LNG truck features long distance per fuel filling. LNG trucks has higher anti-freezing performance over traditional oil-fueled trucks because in winter, diesel oil will be frozen at the temperature of – 25 to - 30℃”, which results in great trouble for the starting and dynamic performance of the vehicles. However, this problem does not apply to natural gas, which ensures easy starting and does not impact the dynamic performance. More important, compared with diesel engines, this product of C&C Trucks can reduce the fuel cost by about 35%,” said a user of C&C Trucks from Chengdu at the beginning of the exhibition, “in addition, C&C trucks offers optional intra-cylinder braking, which can achieve up to 70% of the rated braking power, during the transportation of dangerous chemicals and long-distance drive on mountain roads, it can reduce the accidents due to the wear of the braking system and failure of braking to ensure braking safety.”

With the server brand of “Efficient · Fast”, C&C Trucks promises timed service as “2 hours for simple troubles, 6 hours for ordinary troubles, 24 hours for major troubles and 2 days for extraordinarily major troubles” as well as rapid and efficient field services in limited period, supply of parts and one-stop solution, etc. and carries out our concept of quality customer service with the service slogan of “communication by heart, cooperation with practice.”

According to latest data, there are near 2 million natural gas vehicles in China, and the development of the natural gas vehicle industry has provided China with distinct economic benefits and effect of energy saving and emission reduction. Adhering to the development concept of “producing high-end products, offering quality services and building a top-class brand”, C&C Trucks, by virtue of the capital and technical R&D advantages, keeps improving the core competitiveness of products. Meanwhile, C&C Trucks and associated companies inside the CIMC have jointly constituted a complete LNG industrial chai and integrated after-sales services of the whole group for gas cylinders, engines, LNG heavy-duty trucks, trailers and frames to provide the customers with a complete solution that integrates “vehicle - trailer - gas source + finance”.

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