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The Favorite Truck of the Fighting Nation

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C&C Trucks’ CNG dumper won the favor of the exhibitors at the UGOL ROSSII & MINING 2015 (22th) which was just closed.


This expo was held in Novokuznetsk, the largest coal producing area of Russia and the largest heavy industry base to the east of Urals of Russia where the steel& iron, electric power, coking, machinery manufacturing and nonferrous metallurgy industries are highly developed. The UGOL ROSSII & MINING is the most important trade expo in Russia for industries including mining technology, prospecting, underground mining, open-cast mining, transportation equipment, ore dressing and coal dressing and this year’s event has attracted over 190 world-famous companies and exhibitors from 21 countries and regions.



The 6*4 CNG dumper, model SQR3252N6T4, exhibited at this expo has won the OTTC certification of Russia and features the wheel base of 3825+1350, the 5.6-meter-long cargo box, YC6MKN340 engine and 12JSD160T transmission. On the international background of energy shortage and continuous fuel price inflation, Russia will see rapid growth in heavy-duty CNG trucks due to its abundant reserve in natural gas. “The Russian clients compared our CNG dumper with their in-service diesel trucks and drew the conclusion that they can save the fuel cost by USD 50,000 each year,” introduced a responsible person of C&C Trucks at the site. “In the meanwhile, we have carried out adaptability development against the low-temperature environment in Russia to ensure stable technology, safety, reliability and smooth operation of the vehicles, which won the favor from the clients,” he added with respect to the vehicle reliability.  


During the expo, the repeated advertising video of C&C Trucks, and the CNG dumper in the front of booth of C&C Trucks attracted a number of international friends and drew high attention of local governmental agencies and coal enterprises. The CNG dumper exhibited at this expo has obtained the OTTC certification of Russia. Compared with diesel trucks, it can reduce the fuel cost by 30-35%, and by ensuring complete combustion of natural gas, it can effectively reduce the wear and tear of the parts and protect the environment.



At the expo, multiple coal enterprises showed keen interest in the CNG dumper and frequently came to our booth for consultation. Some clients from other countries or regions also expressed the intention of cooperation after hearing detailed introduction of C&C Trucks’ staff.


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